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camera 3 km
EV3000-D-IR750 Long Range Camera System with detection range up to 20+ miles, Explosive-proof Cameras, Stainless-steel Housing. Radar interface camera system. Thermal Eye with 640x480 resolution utilized HD Day Camera with 16.7-2000mm lenses that provides 4K full-color video images. Heavy duty Stainless Steel Enclosure, Forget rust and salt air corrosion. Anti- Corrosion.
camera 3 km
EV3000-EXD-IR100 The ev3000-ex Series is a long range explosion proof 1 - 25 km IR infrared thermal for offshore gas rigs and oil rigs camera systems are used in explosive and hazardous atmospheres. They are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof electrical equipment for installation and use in hazardous locations as Offshore rig Oil and Gas Installations Security . These enclosures are also waterproof and dust tight.
camera 3 km
EV3000-HD EV3000 cameras are a Long Range PTZ with ranges from 1 to 20 km. Built with rugged housing, anti rust and air-salt, also available in explosive proof. The dual PTZ camera has a FLIR IR camera with HD CMOS camera all in an Explosion proof camera certified for use in hazardous areas. Camera Zoom distance are 1, 5, 10, 15,20, 25km option Laser range finder, laser illuminator 1-3km range.

We specialize in Long-Range Security Cameras that are designed to meet requirements that can withstand extreme heat, military front-lines, marine bases, security threats, and more. Since our start in 2000 we have had multiple successful projects that have satisfied our customers. We use IR Thermal, Night-vision, Long-Range systems with any per-existing or new CCTV systems to make it easy for you to carry out your security needs. We are send our cameras around the world. 
We satisfy the needs of government and private security including Military, Coast Guard, Navy, Air-Force, Ports, Oil Rigs, Buoys, and more.

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Long range PTZ IP IR HD 4k camera with lenses from 10mm to 2000mm.

Long range camera zoom distance 1, 5, 10, 15,20, 25 km.

Long range PTZ IR thermal camera zoom distance 1 to 25 km.

Long range wireless cctv system

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We can customized solutions to meet most of customer's requirements based on budget. 


I mentioned your camera systems in my most recent newsletter and I have   seen one of my members has your 
devices in operation on Cape Cod.      Very impressive!    
Bob Rheault,   
ECSGA Executive Director     
(401) 783-3360   bob@ecsga.org
The last enclosure you sent me was a work of art. LTJG Steve Chaine
US Coast Guard Command & Control Engineering Center (C2CEN)
4000 Coast Guard Blvd
Portsmouth, VA  23703-2199
"All, I can vouch for these cameras. We've tested them and did spec/feature comparison analysis 
with other similar cameras and these came on top, and the prices are also the best. 
This company has some of the best PTZ modules in the industry, they are extremely smooth and accurate". 
Royal Canada Mounted Police 

long range ptz camera 5 km  long range ptz camera 5 km

EV3000 Long Range Thermal Imaging

FLIR Day/Night from 1 to 50 km wireless HD IP

long range ptz camera 5 km

The EV3000  Long Range Camera System One camera for 24/7 surveillance

Detection - Recognition - Identification

from 1 km/miles to 25 km/miles

Day - Night - Dark - Fog - Smoke all weather and lights conditions 24/7

Offshore, Marine, Rig, Buoys, Calm buoys, Point buoy camera and weather monitoring system.

The EV3000 HD 4K is the world’s highest color low light enhanced night vision sensor technology.

The EV3000 is a Cutting edge broadband HD Sensor that can achieve outstanding Color Day

like the imagery in extremely low light levels.


camera 5 km