We would like to introduce our EV3000 cameras with ranges from 1 km to 25+km, with our special active and passive cooling that make our camera works in very extreme weather (+60 degree)  with no needs to recharge cooling of thermal cameras every year!

I have attached our homeland security product’s information, export license for similar system installed in Khobar,  and the following links have the technical data-sheets, video demos, and installation images:

EV3000 city surveillance

Long Range Camera System

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"All, I can vouch for these cameras. We've tested them and did spec/feature comparison analysis
with other similar cameras and these came on top, and the prices are also the best.
This company has some of the best PTZ modules in the industry, they are extremely smooth and accurate".
Royal Canada Mounted Police

Vision Solutions

Toronto, Canada  EV3000 equipped with 1000/2000mm lenses and starlight sensor
Brownsville, TX


Brownsville, TX

Nantucket, MA

Portsmouth, VA 

Veracruz, Mexico

EV3000-D-IR750  MEXICO Pemex platform